Bridgewater Restaurant

The Bridgewater sign has been a cornerstone of Florence’s waterfront for a long time. While I remember it in earlier incarnations in my childhood (Steak & Noodle, anyone?) The current incarnation has spanned multiple restauranteurs and decades.  I think Stuart was inspired by signs he saw in San Francisco and Eureka CA, but I can’t […]

Adult Night at the Library

When I lived on Bay Street as a kid in the 1970s, there was a magical place just up the road, by the little sand dune beyond the firehouse, where I could spend an entire rainy afternoon perusing and borrowing books.  The walk was just the right distance, and usually involved visiting the adjacent dune […]

The Spokesman/Spokesong

“For high schoolers performing a somewhat controversial play dealing with war in Ireland, one of the few touchstones we had — and certainly the most iconic — was this sign Stu painted for our production of “Spokesong,” which hung outside the bicycle repair shop of ‘Frank Stock’ (me) and his wayward, bitter brother, Julian (Nick). […]


Hi Nick, we are in Queens, N.Y. visiting our daughter Angelina & family at the moment.  Soon after Angelina’s birth, Stuart sent us this sweet gift acknowledging her birth.  It resides on a glass shelve in the bathroom, viewed daily.  It still remains one of the most tender and precious gifts from family and friends.  […]

KB Gallery

Kenneth B Gallery

Creating the KB Gallery Logo Reprinted with permission, written by SK Lindsey. In 2014 I arrived in Florence with the intention of opening a high-end contemporary art gallery and fine art printmaking lab. I rented the loft next to Stuart and Joann who gave me sound advice regarding the of a hand-painted sign vs a […]

Says it all

Stu gifted me this sign, one of those years early in my own adventures in parenthood and adulting… it might’ve been Christmas, but it was intended as a house-warming present. This simple affirmation helped me feel like I had some agency in my life when times were rough, and still makes me feel good every […]


Birthing Florence I’m gathering anecdotes and photos and accounts about signs made by my dad Stuart. Perhaps you were one such neighbor/friend/customer of his, and had a shop of your own back in the day. He painted signs in Florence for almost 50 years, beginning when he arrived in 1971. Having one of his signs […]

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