Johnson House

Johnson House postcard front

When I was a Junior in High School at Siuslaw in 1983 or so, I had a crush on a schoolmate on the cheerleading squad. When she came around to do a little fundraising, of course I bought the flimsy polyester blue windbreaker with the Viking logo in yellow on the breast, nevermind that it was wholly insufficient for our actual climate. She worked a few hours a week turning rooms, helping Ron & Jayne with their B&B, putting it on my radar in a way it hadn’t been before.

The host’s attention to detail and care and preservation of the beautiful house is reflected in Stuart’s illustration and postcard design from that time. He lovingly painted their sign as well, and worked hard to help them capture the romance of the old. This historic property was a jewel in Old Town, and the various projects were more than just another sign or postcard and segued into similar work for other classic northwest B&B’s from Eureka, CA to Vancouver Island that I haven’t seen in decades.

Recently this lovely postcard surfaced in a pile of artistic detritus and I’m happy to have grabbed a shot to share – it transports me to a typically freezing sunny windy Florence summer day outside their picket fence, hoping to catch a glimpse of long red hair through the back window.

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