To most of Florence, Stuart WAS ‘Henderson Signs’ from when we arrived in 1971 through his retirement more than three decades later.  This is just a smattering that I hope to add to. If you have a picture and the story that goes with it, please share!


Birthing Florence I’m gathering anecdotes and photos and accounts about signs made by my dad Stuart. Perhaps you were one such neighbor/friend/customer of his, and

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Says it all

Stu gifted me this sign, one of those years early in my own adventures in parenthood and adulting… it might’ve been Christmas, but it was

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Kenneth B Gallery

KB Gallery

Creating the KB Gallery Logo Reprinted with permission, written by SK Lindsey. In 2014 I arrived in Florence with the intention of opening a high-end

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Hi Nick, we are in Queens, N.Y. visiting our daughter Angelina & family at the moment.  Soon after Angelina’s birth, Stuart sent us this sweet

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The Spokesman/Spokesong

“For high schoolers performing a somewhat controversial play dealing with war in Ireland, one of the few touchstones we had — and certainly the most

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Bridgewater Restaurant

The Bridgewater sign has been a cornerstone of Florence’s waterfront for a long time. While I remember it in earlier incarnations in my childhood (Steak

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